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R & D & Nano-Tech

R & D & Nano-Tech

Techmetals R&D team and staff help our customers stay ahead of the curve and provide solutions.

We support: Universities, Commercial, Government Agencies, and our own R&D efforts. Techmetals was asked to come up with a coating to prevent gases like hydrogen from reaching some of the United States most precious documents. If you have critical or precious items we can help you too.

Techmetals has either written or participated in about a dozen patents for us or our customers.


RandD2 A successful project for the US Mint: We helped develop and prove a process that replaced hard chrome technology. Techmetals and the US government have a commitment to green technology that benefits many end users. We specialize at developing and commercializing advanced materials and nano technology. This was never done before. RandD3
We Specialize in Nano Technology, Composite Coatings, Green Solutions, Hard Chrome Replacements See Customer Study Article, Advanced Materials, and Composite Coatings
RandD4 We are developing new hard chrome replacement technologies and composite coatings for new materials required in aerospace to support Airbus, Boeing, and Department of Defense new chrome free demands, cad-replacements, and hex-free chem-film coatings. These coatings work in electronics and connectors.
RandD9 TM E-Krome, Develop for as coated deposit on alum at 60 to 62 Rockwell-C hardness with corrosion protection. We help make Aluminum and other materials better.
RandD10 New advanced materials, new processes, and nano-materials for extreme applications.



Other industries we are supporting in R&D:

Medical, Solar, NIST, US Mint, Locomotive, Automotive, Universities, Electronics, Green, Space, Department of Defense, Fuel Cell, Tool and Die, Biomedical, Steel, Glass Manufacturing, Department of Energy, Packaging, Food, Pulp & Paper, Oil, Alternative Energy, Agriculture, Transportation, Material Handling, Coal, Nuclear, Forestry, Composites, and others.

RandD5 We are and have developed processes, coatings, and technology for extreme applications and environments.

RandD6 New coating technologies for molds, dies, and coatings to replace hard chrome and electroless nickel in many applications to lower cost and improve performance.
RandD7 Emission Elimination Device was developed, commercialized, and patented by Techmetals. This Technology helps keep our employees safe, other job shops, and employees safe as well. This technology helps keep our environment safe and clean. We have shared this Technology with our industry. When introduced, it was recognized by the EPA in Canada as the best technology available. It is also supported by the US EPA.
RandD8 We have new nano coatings and advanced materials coming out of R&D for commercialization in the off-sore industry and other extreme applications where hard chrome, electroless nickel, nickel-chrome, flame spray, and others coatings are not getting the job done.