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NADCAP • ISO 13485 • AS 9100 • ISO 9001 Accredited - ITAR, FFL & ATF Registered
Coatings Offered For: Medical, RoHs, ELV, NSF, ISO 10993-1 • Other Programs: DoD, & DoE, 10 CFR 50, App B

Nadcap, AS, ISO 13485
Large capacities, plating, anodizing, electroless nickel EN, chrome, PVD, electropolish, diamond coatings, silver, titanium anodize, DLC, TiN, CrN, ZrN, TiCN, ALTiN, ALTiCrN, zinc, zinc nickel, nickel Teflon, nickel boron, nickel alloys, nickel boron nitride, carbide nickel, high phosphorus nickel, low phosphorus nickel, mid phosphorus nickel, hardcoat, chemfilm, alodine, iridite, gold, tin, tungsten alloys, cobalt alloys, and more.

We also offer our engineered coatings that can increase the life and performance of critical equipment & processes.

Wear resistance, Anti-Galling, Dry Lubrication, Corrosion Resistance, Grip, Release, Hardness, Shielding, Electrical, Low Coefficient of Friction, & Others

20 Ton Crane Capacity in areas & lift heights of 55' bottom of hook to floor

Vision & Quality Policy:
To be so Good our
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GREEN Technology:
Hard Chrome Replacement's 
Dry Lube Moly Replacement's
R&D - Process Development 
Nadcap plating Nadcap Plating: Nadcap plating
New Coatings:
NanoTech & R&D
Uniform Flame Spray Replacement
What is Harder Than Diamond
Medical Coatings:
TM-Rx, MedaDize, MedaPass,
Bio-Black-Ti, Bio-Brite, Ti & Alum,
Anodize, and Electro-Polish
Optical Coatings:
Coatings for Diamond Turning
Optakoat & High Build Ni
Optical Grade EN

Latest News

Standard Processes

Anodize: Aluminum, Sulfuric Anodizing, Titanium Anodizing, Hardcoat, Type II & III, and more.

Electroplating: Nickel, Hard-Chrome, Tin, Tin-bismuth, Cobalt, Nickel-Cobalt, Copper, Zinc, Zinc-Nickel, Cobalt-Tin , Silver,  many others

Electroless Plating: EN, Low to High Phos, Nickel Teflon, Cobalt, Copper, Nickel, and Others

Conversion Coating Processes: Passivate, Phosphate, Chem-Film,Iridite, Alodine, Electro - Polishing, Hex Free Options Zinc Nickel Chromates, Zinc Nickel Trichrome Passiuitus, and others.

Others Services:
Blasting, OD Grinding, PVD, Mag-Particle Inspection, Repair, Salvage, & Alloys with Diamond-Like Particles.

Plating & Coatings Spec:
AMS, MIL, ASTM, SAE, other, or Customer Specifications

Vacum Coating -Thin Film Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD): Diamond like coating DLC, Titanium CarboNitride TiCN, Chromium Nitride CrN, Aluminum Titanium Nitride AlTiN, Aluminum Titanium Chromium Nitride AlTiCrN, Zirconium Nitride ZrN and others...

Techmetals also offers custom coatings, TechCoat-100, 200, 300, 400, 500, DLA, Med-100 for specific applications

 Engineered Coatings
UltraKoat OptaKoat TM 111
Diamonize E-Krome TM 103
X-Calibur TM 117P TM 105
OxyTech OxyLube TM 119
Armatech TM 107 X-Protect
Techniloy TM 127
TM 329 TM 133 & More...
Composite Coatings ?CDC & other Engineered Coatings and Alloys DoD, Zinc & Zinc Alloy Processes

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Techmetals Plating and Metal Finishing

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Industries & Markets Served
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Aerospace Oil & Coal
Defense & DoD Nuclear
Alternative Energy Molding & Dies
Automotive Space
Food & Bev R&D and Testing

We provide engineered and functional metal finishing, anodizing, plating, electro-polishing, and coating processes. Our Engineers or technical staff can help customers design a coating process for their surface engineering needs. Techmetals?coatings help in applications that need enhanced properties for: Corrosion Resistance, Wear Resistance, Hardness, Anti-Galling, Release, Reduced Friction, Optical, and others. Techmetals specializes in large parts and difficult processes. Techmetals runs and develops these processes in our 150,000 square foot campus.

"Improving the lives of all *Stakeholders, by aligning our team’s individual talents and unique capabilities to add value to our customer’s products. The Techmetals team is committed to protecting our resources and environment, maintaining an effective quality management system which meets regulatory and customer requirements .This is done through our objectives and our teams working on continuous improvement."

(*Stakeholder: any person or entity that is effected by Techmetals, such as employee, customer, supplier, community, or governmental agency).
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