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Quality and environmental compliance

Quality and environmental compliance

by Tim Aish, Director Quality & Engineering
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Techmetals has always taken a very proactive approach to environmental compliance, recognizing the impor­tance to protect the environment, the community, their employees and the corporate future. C, Environmental

Team was estab­lished in the first quarter of 1992 and follows the Continuous Improvement Team format established in all functional areas. The current team consists of the Nickel and Chrome Division Directors, the Laboratory Manager, the Director of Continuous Improvement, the Manager of Special Projects, and the Director of Quality & Engineering (Team Leader).

Weekly meetings are held to coordinate projects, review environ­mental regulations and technology that has an Impact on operations, review of training programs, and address the multitude of issues so critical in maintaining environmental compliance today and for tomorrow The Environmental Team recognizes the importance in keeping the inter­nal and external customers informed of Techmetals’ commitment and effort regarding the environment.

A few of the highlights accomplished in 1993 include the following:

1. Development of a new Environmental Corporate Objective and a Strategic Plan for 1994 outlining specific detailed tasks, including an ultimate goal to close loop all production facilities.

2. Team participation on the local review committee established by the local Dayton Sewer District in developing new effluent standards for metal finishers. After several months of meetings, the new standards have been accepted by Ohio EPA and are currently being reviewed by Region 5.

3. Purchase and installation of a new effluent treatment facility in the Research and Development building.

4. Further development of a new technology purification system to support the Chrome Division in maintaining process control of the plating solutions and the close loop status of the facility.

5. Team members have attended a number of seminars and confer­ences on every aspect of environ­mental compliance including new technology, training, conservation and regulation updates on local state and Federal guidelines. ‘

6. A number of employees have received training certification in emergency response techniques, waste treatment facility operation and improved material handling and control of raw materials.

7. Chemical inventories have also been reduced to a minimum with the cooperation of our chemical suppliers in establishing just in time scheduling to support operational needs.

8. The establishment of new cost centers with the finance depart­ment to track the substantial costs m maintaining the reporting, training and technology necessary to meet the increasingly challenging environmental regulations being focused on the metal finishing industry today.

While developing the strategic environmental plan for 1994, it was startling as management realized the extent of the corporate commitment in time and financial resources allocated to environmen­tal compliance activities. Techmetals feels it is important for customers to understand the extent of the impact of environmental regulations on the metal finishing industry and Techmetals efforts to address these Issues responsibly.

Techmetals is confident that these efforts will provide the insurance for today and the future in the ability to operate these facilities in a responsible manner and continue to support customers with high quality metal finishing coatings..