Nadcap ISO-13485:2016 FAA Repair Station AS-9100D and ISO-9001:2015 Accredited & FDA, ITAR, FFL, ATF Registered & Programs: RoHs, ELV, NSF, DoD, DoE, & 10 CFR App B

PVD Coatings

PVD Coatings

PVD Coatings/Physical Vapor Deposition : Aerospace, Medical,  Tool and Die, Stamping, Molds, Oil and Gas, and others


Techmetals has large coating thin-film vacuum physical vapor deposition (PVD) capability. We also offer roughly 26 different coating options.


Techmetals PVD processes and services include coatings of: Diamond-Like Coatings (DLC) and Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings, titanium nitride pvd (TiN), titanium carbonitride pvd (TiCN), chromium nitride pvd (CrN), aluminum titanium nitride pvd (AlTiN), aluminum titanium chromium nitride pvd (AlTiCrN), zirconium nitride pvd (ZrN) and others. We have Nadcap, ISO, AS, ITAR, FFL, and Validated Lines.

Coating PVD  Techcoat and Thin Film Coating Chart Matrix pvdtechcoat

Name Composition  Color Bio-burden Cytotoxicity Thickness Microns Mircro (Hv) Hardness Coefficient of Friction Applications Parts Coated Properties/Characteristics
Techcoat DLA a-C:H:X OEM Val 1-5 2550 0.1 Molds and Dies  Low coefficient of Friction
Black OEM Val Engine Components Corrosion Protection
Techcoat DLA-Med Cr-C Based Pass 1-5 2600 0.1 Orthopedic Medical Wear Protection
Black Pass Medical Devices Low friction
Techcoat DLC Carbon OEM Val 1-4 2300-2550 0.11 Sealing Surfaces Anti Galling
Gray/Black OEM Val Engine Components  Low coefficient of Friction
Techcoat 100™ TiN OEM Val 1-7 2500 0.55 Mold Cavities and Wear Protection
Gold OEM Val cores, Pins, Cutters Reduction of Lubricants
Techcoat 100-Med™ Ti Based Pass 1-5 2300-2500 0.35-.55 Medical Devices Sliding Wear
Gold Pass Drills, Implants  cutting
Techcoat 200 TiN/TiCN OEM Val 1-4 2500 0.55 Punches, Die Pins, Extreme Hardness
Rose OEM Val Cutters, Saws Reduction of Lubricants
Techcoat 300 AlTiN OEM Val 1-5 3,300 0.7 Stamping Dies Extreme Hardness
Black OEM Val Coining, Forming Machining Efficiencies
Techcoat 400 CrN OEM Val 1-7 1800 0.3 Molds and Dies Corrosion Protection
silver OEM Val Forming Tools Release properties
Techcoat 400-Med Cr Based Pass 1-7 1800 0.3 Orthopedic Medical Wear Protection
silver Pass Medical Devices Low deposition Temp
Techcoat 500 ZrN OEM Val 1-4 2000 0.4 Molds and Dies Release properties
straw OEM Val Forming Tools Hard, Heat Resistance
Techcoat 600 AlTiCrN OEM Val 1-4 3,100-3,300 0.55 Fine Punching Extreme Hardness
silver/gray OEM Val Milling Machining Efficiencies
Techcoat Stealth CrN/C OEM Val 1-5 2600 0.1 Tactical Devices Wear Protection
Gray/Black OEM Val Optical Corrosion Protection


Aerospace/FAA Repair/Nadcap

Techmetals provides a wide range of coatings and services to the Aerospace industry.  Techmetals has been serving the Aerospace Industry for 45-years. We are uniquely suited for satisfying the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry.  Our credentials include:

  • NADCAP certified for Coatings  AMS 2444
  • AS 9100D Certified
  • FAA Repair coating capabilities
  • ITAR

Techmetals capabilities include:

  • Providing highly engineered custom coatings for specific applications
  • Small batch run as well as large volume production capabilities
  • Ability to handle parts up to 30″ x 24″ x 24″

Automotive and Racing

Techmetals  PVD Coatings provide solutions for the demanding automotive and racing industries.  Our coatings provide lightweight and high wear resistant coatings to meet the increasingly demanding performance requirements of today’s engines.

Coating on critical parts  improves thermal stability to help maintain tolerances and reduce wear.

Typical Engine components:

  • DLC coated valves
  • DLC coated wrist pins
  • DLC coated rockers

Techmetals can process small batch or high volume production



Industrial  PVD Coatings

PVD coatings, AlTiCrN, AlTiN, DLA, DLC, TiCN, TiN, and ZrN are used on cutting tools and drills to improve speeds which reduce time and machining cost. PVD and Techcoat coatings can increase tool life. PVD and Tehcmetals Techcoat coatings help your tools standout and provide a competitive advantage.

Coatings improve cutting performance on hardened materials up to 60 to 65 HRC being machined depending on tool steel and how tool is ran.  Coatings on tooling improve thermal stability to help maintain tolerances, edges, and better surface finishes.  This can reduce the need for post grinding or finishing of hard turning.

Techcoat coatings are selected to help machine light weight metal alloys for aluminum, magnesium, nitinol, and titanium. Techcoat coatings like: Techcoat 100, 200, or 400 help prevent material from sticking, building up on tools, improve speeds, and have low coefficient of friction

Medical Coatings/Thin Films

More on Medical Coatings

Techmetals supplies several coating options to the medical device industry. Techmetals coatings pass cytotoxicity and bio-burden testing by outside independent testing Labs. OEM approvals/Techmetals has validated lines & is ISO 13485:2016 certified.

Titanium Nitride (Can certify to AMS 2444)

  • Provides increased wear
  • Typical uses include bone drills, scalpels, screws, and various other devices.
  • Low temperature processes available for process temperature sensitive substrates

Chromium Nitride provides increased wear

  • Low temperature processes available for process temperature sensitive substrates

(AlTiN) Techmetals offers TechCoat 345 which provides a dark/light reflecting reduced coating

Diamond Like Carbon provides a very low coefficient of friction



Techcoat-Med-100-Black ( used for applications that need a darker coating to stand out, provide extra wear resistance, anti-glare, or require less reflectivity)


Techcoat-Med-400-Black ( used for applications that need a darker coating to stand out, provide extra wear resistance, anti-glare, or less reflectivity)

medicalcoatedTechmetals also offers: AlTiCrN, AlTiN, DLA, DLC, TiCN, TiN, and ZrN  per applications and per customer and OEM Medical print requirements or upon request.  In addition, we offer other medical processes, coatings, & services.

Applications and common uses:

Orthopedics, scalpels, implants, cutting tools, pvd coated drill or screws, screw heads for improved locking, plates, back spin implants,  spreaders, pins, and many others.

medicalcoatedproductsWhy PVD and thin film coating are used in Medical

  • Extreme hardness
  • Compatibility
  • Increased Life
  • Increase performance
  • Anti-galling
  • Anti-wear
  • Low Coefficient of Friction
  • Aids in bone screw locking

Mold Coatings

Techmetals provides several coatings for which can greatly increase the life of plastic injection molds and aluminum die cast/injection molds.

Techmetals coatings provide several key advantages.

A coating thickness of approximately 3 microns allows for tools to be machined to final size prior to coating.

Techmetals coatings can be chemically stripped without harming the substrate material.  This allows for increased tool life by stripping and recoating when the coatings do begin to wear.

Injection Molding applications

  • TechCoat 100:  Provides good wear properties on moving components such as slides, cores, and pins
  • TechCoat 400:  Provides improved wear properties for molding of abrasive or filled materials
  • TechCoat 600 : Provides a harder coating for molding of abrasive or filled materials

Die Cast Moding

TechCoat DLA coating of cores greatly reduces aluminum soldering.  Field results show an average production uptime increase of 85% as a result of the reduction of aluminum soldering.

diecastmoldingDefense and Firearms Coatings

Techmetals provides both functional and cosmetic coatings to the defense and firearms industries.
These coatings help  prevent wear and misfires.

TechCoat DLA—Offers a very low coefficient of friction on components such as slides and bolts while providing a black finish

TechCoat 100 –Offers very good wear characteristics but gives the customized gold appearance.  It is used mainly on barrels, trigger assemblies and exposed components

TechCoat 400—Offers good wear characteristics, but give a bluish metal appearance.

R&D & Custom PVD

Techmetals strength is our ability to Engineer and develop custom coatings based on an application’s unique need.  Techmetals has a fully dedicated Research and Development Group and facilities to solve difficult applications.  Our staff includes a PhD in Chemistry and several Chemical Engineers.

Specifications for PVD

AMS 2444 is the main spec for PVD.  We are approved for this and Nadcap accredited.


Techmetals offers a full line of stamping, forming and punching coatings. All of our coatings greatly increase tool wear/release and prevent galling. Techmetals coatings can provide 3-5 times more life of coated versus uncoated tools.  Techmetals coatings provide several key advantages.

stampingformingpunchingReduction of friction significantly reduces pickup and galling.

A coating thickness of approximately 3 microns allows for tools to be machined to final size prior to coating. Techmetals coatings can be chemically stripped without harming the substrate material.  This allows for increased tool life by stripping and recoating if the coatings begin to wear.



pvdapplicationsSome Applications & Examples

  • Blow mold pvd coatings
  • Core and cavity molds pvd coatings
  • Core pin pvd coatings
  • Die pin coatings
  • Die casting mold pvd coatings
  • Ejector pin pvd coatings,
  • Guide pin pvd coatings
  • Injection molding pvd coatings
  • Medical injection mold pvd coatings
  • Metal Injection mold pvd coatings
  • Metal Stamping die pvd coatings
  • Rubber injection mold pvd coatings

Cutting Tools

Techmetals coatings provide cost effective coatings for increased tool life and performance.  Techmetals offers all of the conventional coatings as well as the engineering and development resources to provide custom solutions to machining issues.

Techmetals coatings provide:

  • High hardness which increases the edge life of the tool
  • Low coefficient of friction which reduces heat build up and increased chip release
  • TechCoat 300 allows for increased speeds and feeds

Other Services & Processes

Techmetals has the ability to offer many complimentary processes that can add value in cost savings and delivery time.  Techmetals has the ability to perform multiple process operations eliminating the cost and time of a customer shipping parts to multiple vendors to complete the manufacturing steps. This wide range of in house services allows Techmetals to provide added value and competitive advantages to a customer.

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Laser Etching
  • Passivation
  • Bead or grit blasting
  • Chemical stripping of coatings