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Anodize: Aluminum

Anodize: Aluminum


  • Type II, Class 1 Clear Anodize
  • Type II, Class 2 Dyed: Red, Blue, Black,  and Others
                     (Other colors are available upon request)
  • Type II, Tank Size-180″L X 48″W X 48?Deep
  • Type III, Class 1 Clear Hard Coat Type III,
  • Tank Size-180″L X 48″W X 72″  Deep on average
                     (have smaller and larger capacities)

Anodize with PTFE and Masking

Main Anodize Industry Specifications
MIL-A-8625 , AMS 2469, AMS 2471 , ASTM B 580,
AMS 2472, and Medical Validated Lines and processes.

OEM approvals: Boeing, GD, Lockheed, ATK, NAVAIR, NAVSEA, Raytheon, J&J, Space-X, Boeing Space, NASA, Eaton Aerospace, Toyota, GM, Ford, Delphi, Honda, Porsche, Textron, Rolls Royce, GE, GE-Hitachi, Nuclear, and others.

highvolumesulfuricanodizeUSER BENEFITS for MIL-A-8625 SULFURIC ANODIZE

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Provides Good Abrasion Resistance
  • Offers a Variety of Colors:
  • RedFire RedBlue, Black, Olive Drab
            Tan, Gold, Orange,  Blue Gray,  and Gray.
            (Other colors can be added.)
  • Adds Durability

Thickness callout, rule, and industry standard with Anodize
Aluminum Anodize coating thickness penetrates 50% into the surface of the substrate and 50% on the surface where there is some growth.
Example: coating thickness of .001″  per side will grow by .0005″ per side or surface.


Hard Coat Anodize: Also known as Type III Anodize

Hard Coat Anodize is mainly used for wear applications. It is not as corrosion resistant as Type II, which is also known as standardsulfuric anodize. Type III Hard Coat is more difficult to run and requires better controls and  processing parameters.


Ti – Anodize, Custom Colors, All Colors & Gray, and AMS 2488

Black, Gray, Color ( Titanium Oxide film is created, Process with a lower pH of 13, and creates a thicker and better oxide.)

AMS 2488 Titanium anodize was developed for the Aerospace industry. Techmetals can certify to this specification and  is Nadcap approved for chemical processing of Ti-anodizing. We run parts for companies like Bell Helicopter, Northup, and others.


MedaDize is our Titanium Anodize process that is validated  and used for medical applications for both color and gray.

Click here for more information about Techmetals Medical Coatings and about Titanium Anodize

Chem-Film, Alodine, and Iridite are just some trade-names used for the chem-film process

Main industry Specifications: MIL-C-5541, AMS 2473, MIL-DTL-5541 (Standard), MIL-DTL-5541 (Hex Free)


OXYTECH is formed by an electrochemical reaction in sulfuric acid and other catalysis that have been added.  This process is Techmetals modified Hard Coat process, which provides a harder aluminum oxide ceramic layer than what is producedby MIL-A-8625 Type III.

The coating can be sealed  (a process that closes the porosity) for maximum corrosion protection or can be left unsealed for maximum abrasion resistance.


  • An Extremely Hard Abrasion Resistant Coating
  • May be Selectively Plated
  • Very Corrosion Resistant                                     
  • Good Dielectric Qualities
  • Economical                                                                                                
  • Can be Dyed in a Number of Colors


Thickness:                               .0008-.003 for OXYTECH on most alloys

Hardness:                                65-70 Rockwell

Corrosion Resistance:          >336 hours per ASTM B-117

Dielectric Resistance:           1000V per .001″ coating thickness

Colors:                                      Any shade that we have a dye for or made

Seals:                                        Best is sealed after processing.


OXYLUBE is our modified Hard Coat process that is infused with  PTFE for release in cooking and baking applications.  It is also used in industrial molding to help reduce wear and provide mold release.